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In order to improve its competitiveness in terms of cost and speed of execution, Punto Stampi has an important, ongoing collaboration with China, where it has been present since 2004.
Chinese partnerships have been consolidated year after year, becoming today’s reality where operators work close to Italian technicians and in compliance with the most common European standards.

Located in the city of Yixing, about 3 hours by car from Shanghai, the company builds its own equipment and tests it, providing the dimensional reports if required and creating the MAP loops with subsequent verification testing, and finally packs and ships the molds by sea, by train or – in cases of more extreme timing – even by air. The design and all technical and commercial relations with the customer are created and managed from Italy.

Punto Stampi China

We work in collaboration with the customer and we always share with him the choice of partial or total construction of the equipment at Punto Stampi China.


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